Excellence in quality. At your service.

Frumolde Tooling is a producer of plastic injection tools.

Since 1990 and day after day we go through the way into perfection.

Wary to each client needs, we offer a full service, from the development of the first idea to final product.

We handle projects from start to finish, beginning on the projection of technical molds for all thermoplastics, to modeling and programming, building of molds and making rheological studies.

We always analyze and advise collaborating together with our customer.

For each of our clients a seriously solution is thought leading to quality and rigor final products.

In order to respond to market demands, we project your molds in 3D CAD drawings.

We also offer mold flow analysis, filling, compaction and warpage, among others.

We also have control department equipped, among other things, with a 3D CMM measuring machine and a 3D Scanner arm, to assure the execution of the project according to the planned.

Thanks to the existing conditioner air on all our production area and the use of the most innovative software we can ensure quality and accuracy of our products at competitive prices and within the set deadlines.


Commitment for what we do.


• Prototyp molds

• Thermoplastic  Injection / pet

• Gas injection

• Multicomponent

• Hot runner System

• Thin walls

  • Short time cycles
  • IML / IMD

• Sandwich

• With Inserts

• Overmolding


• 2D and 3D mold drawing

• Moldflow Analysis

  • Moldflow  Compact Study
  • Warpage Study

• Global  projects managing



A specialized team.

We count with highly skilled staff coordinating the supervision of the construction of the molds, step by step, until the final approval by the customer.

We invest in continuous updating on our technicians as well as a constant investment in high technology.

Our portfolio is filled with an extensive experience in project development for different countries and areas, namely, appliances, automotive, telecommunications, electronics, medical, packaging and so on.

We build molds to produce in different components, one, two or three components, IML – IMD, one single or multicavities.






Precision for perfection.

We have the professionalism, the competence and years of experience.

The attention, competitiveness, productivity and the quality we dedicate to each project are the ingredients for success, and it is thus that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Our precision is so accurate, that the mold is made according to what has been specified in the project, always ensuring its perfect running.



We strive to contribute to the industry by developing innovative products.

We have the skill to manage  global projects in a technical and technological level from designing process to execution until it reaches final consumer.